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Our Fall 2022 Recital

Fantastic job to all who played at our recent studio recital - our biggest one yet! This was a collaboration between our three piano teachers: Graham Yates, Ben Tibbetts and Keith Allegretti. Thanks to all the students who prepared and performed, and to the parents for endless encouragement and support.

Here's the program:

0:09 – Henry Plays Mississippi Hot Dog

1:06 – Paloma plays Honeybee and Lightly Row

2:19 – Nithilan plays Mary Had a Little Lamb

2:45 – Elena plays Honeybee

3:18 – Hayden plays Cuckoo

3:44 – Katerina plays Square Dance, Clock Shop and Painting With Pastels

6:45 – Thuong plays Cuckoo and French Children’s Song

7:42 – Teagan play Mary Had a Little Lamb and Au clair de la lune

8:34 – Fiona plays Long, Long Ago and Little Playmates

9:54 – Aayush plays Au clair de la lune and Little Playmates

10:53 – Jose plays Haunted Mouse and Classic Dance

11:54 – Nico plays Theme from Stranger Things

13:39 – Jude plays Arietta in C

14:21 – Evelyn plays Short Story

15:31 – Austin R. plays Super Mario 64 Theme

17:21 – Chelsey plays Ecossaise and Short Story

19:10 – Daniel plays Minuet in G and Sonatina in G

21:22 – Ashley plays Variations on a Russian Folksong

23:02 – Jasper plays Sonatina in G and Menuet in D minor

27:22 – Austin C. plays Sonatina in A minor and Sonatina in G

29:58 – Lenox plays When Rivers Flowed on Mars

31:28 – Cylee plays Fur Elise

34:01 – Iggy plays Toccata & Fugue in D minor

38:02 – Prahal plays Winter and As Swift As a Deer

41:00 – Tesla plays Bicycle Race

43:42 – Apoorva plays Andante sostenuto

45:54 – Julian plays Impressions on Red

48:47 – Samaya plays Waltz in C# minor

53:18 – Mika plays Prelude in C minor

54:59 – Allegretti, Tibbetts & Yates Trio play out…standing

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