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Aayush Plays London Bridge & Mary Had a Little Lamb

If you had asked me if this video would have been possible just under a year ago, I would have said probably not. Let me explain.

Aayush began studying with me last summer and I noticed three important things: he has ADHD, he has tremendously supportive, firm and patient parents, and he loves the piano. That said, our first lessons were rough. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I did not feel up to the task. His parents also wondered if the lessons would work out. But Aayush never doubted himself. Despite the struggle to "behave" and "pay attention" the way a typical student might, he was adamant about continuing. And good for him!

About six weeks in, I felt a shift. For Aayush, the shift I observed was that piano lessons had become enough of a habit that he began to settle into the routine, to expect it, and know how more about how to respond in expected ways. This made it more efficient to pass along information (both ways) and he began to soak it all up like a sponge.

Fast forward a few months and Aayush has now performed in a public recital, he's learning almost a piece a week mostly by himself, and he is making great strides toward reading musical notation. I somewhat selfishly look forward to our lessons because he has become a model receptive student. A success story for sure!

Though there will be as many musical journeys as there are neurodiverse piano students, Aayush helps me understand what an amazing gift learning an instrument can be for anyone who recognizes a need for musical creativity in their life and are willing to accept the challenge.

Please enjoy this recording of Aayush performing London Bridge as a solo, and Mary Had a Little Lamb as a duo with me. Though "Mary" appears simple on the page, we have been working on making the right hand play its part legato ("connected") while the left hand must leave the keys in order to replay the chord. Look how well Aayush is mastering this difficult maneuver - he's almost matching his teacher!

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