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Timbral, from timbre, refers to the musical quality that distinguishes one sound from another. That’s who we are. We believe in music instruction with distinction:

...Music instruction that creatively teaches students to distinguish and enjoy the quality of the sound they make and encounter, whether it is a classical masterpiece, a nursery rhyme or the ambient sound of everyday life.

...Music instruction that enables learners, their family, and those who hear them play to distinguish the joy and effort that goes into making music, from tentative first attempts to confident polished performances.

...Music instruction that distinguishes the innate creativity of every person and leads to a greater quality of life, whether the musical skill they develop will be a passing interest or a professional calling.

Our studio was founded in 2022 when a number of private music instructors collaborated to offer  students a professional space to learn music. The school, centrally located in Round Rock, TX behind Cedar Ridge High School, encompasses four studios and a waiting room. Students may learn in-person or remotely, and can choose between a number of highly skilled instructors.

In the future, Timbral will offer group classes in theory, composition, and general music geared for babies and toddlers accompanied by a parent.

Currently, Timbral’s instructors offer piano and voice lessons, with plans to offer other instruments soon.

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