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In-Person Recitals Are Back!

Last weekend we held our first in-person recital. Graham Yates' "North Austin Piano Studio" crew met at the beautiful Blackerby Recital Hall in Austin to perform. Nerves were certainly high - higher than usual since it's been over two years since these students have performed live, although Graham did organize four "Remote Recitals" over the course of the pandemic shutdown.

Everyone seemed in high spirits, though, as we all once again experienced the joy of making and sharing music with others. Music has a power to bring us together and the room erupted in applause as each student demonstrated their latest musical achievements from the stage.

The video is posted below, as well as a program so viewers can skip to the performer/performance of their choice. The video is 53 minutes long! This is definitely North Austin Piano Studio's longest video and recital ever, and demonstrates how the studio has grown over the years and even stayed vibrant through the pandemic.

Some unusual highlights were Elizabeth's original composition, "The Hide", performed by Graham Yates, and Julian performing "Because of You" with cellist Hector Moreno (a Piano Guys arrangement).

Congratulations to all the performers! Thank you for being brave and re-discovering the joy of live performances.


0:12 - Elena plays Mississippi Hot Dog

1:22 - Paloma plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

2:08 - Aayush plays Lightly Row & Cuckoo

3:11 - Aattoja plays Country Song & Upstairs-Downstairs

4:09 - Sri plays Twinkle & Honeybee

5:19 - Hayden plays Lightly Row

5:45 - Teagan plays London Bridge & French Children's Song

6:42 - Nico plays Mary Had a Little Lamb & Au Clair de la lune

7:35 - Austin plays Cuckoo & London Bridge

8:35 - Saaz plays Allegretto 1 & Allegretto 2

9:42 - Fiona plays Mary & Go Tell Aunt Rhody

10:35 - Chelsey plays Allegro & Christmas Day Secrets

12:00 - Octavia plays Rhody & Allegro

13:05 - Jose plays Ecossaise

14:04 - Elizabeth composed The Hide (performed by Graham Yates)

15:42 - Iggy plays Toccata in D minor

18:55 - Lilah plays Ecossaise

19:43 - Daniel plays Cradle Song and Arietta

21:10 - Ashley plays Interlude

22:26 - Lenox plays A Sad Story & Sonatina in C

24:27 - Khashvi plays Masquerade & When the Planets Are Aligned

26:13 - Tesla plays the Theme from "Jaws"

28:25 - Vivica plays Midnight Escapade

30:00 - Prahal plays Zigzag & Sarabande in D minor

32:54 - Hanna plays Moonlight Sonata, movement 1

38:31 - Apoorva plays Lied

40:26 - Julia plays Allemande in E minor

43:00 - Samaya plays Nocturne no. 2

47:57 - Julian plays Because of You (with Hector Moreno, cello)

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