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Violin Class


Timbral Music Studios is seeking music teachers to partner in our collective vision of offering high quality music instruction to creative and engaging students of all ages. Unlike the traditional music school model, Timbral instructors run their own businesses while leasing space at the school. Space is leased on an annual basis and pricing includes full, 7-days-a-week access or part-time access.

The ideal instructor to join the Timbral team is entrepreneurial, customer service-minded and highly skilled in their musical discipline with a thorough knowledge of relevant pedagogy. They will have a clear vision for how to guide their students' progress through appropriate repertoire choices and performance benchmarks to build the essential skill of sharing music with others. They will be a team player, participating actively in upholding the high reputation of Timbral's facility and its instructors while working to build its vibrant community through exciting service offerings. Basically, they will be great to work with, and a joy to learn from!

If you believe this description accurately fits you, we invite you to get in touch to find out about the opportunities to join the Timbral team.

Inquire to Join Our Team

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